Growing “Grow From Love” Grantwriting

Hello again,

As you see, I’m in the middle of constructing my site. I appreciate that you don’t mind the messiness of it.

Formal opening is June 1.

In the meantime, I’d like a little input. What posts would you like to see most:

  • Air or Water –
    • about pollution and what’s being done to clean it,
    • resources about helping to clean the air or water in your neighborhood,
    • what you can personally do to get involved with clean-air / clean-water information,
    • articles about a company that you know is dirtying up your air or water
    • people and groups in your area who are working on these
    • costs of cleaning the air or water in your area
  • Food –
    • security; are people (not just children) getting enough
    • safety; is our food sources and resources safe
    • companies that are actually putting out clean food
    • companies that are skating around clean / safe food
    • organic vs commercial vs gmo
    • prices and the farmers affected by them
  • Shelter –
    • the lack of housing
    • homelessness
    • what makes affordable housing affordable
    • shelters in cold weather
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • Literacy –
    • education starts when
    • reading physical books vs e-readers vs online
    • why read?
    • kinds of education
    • reading for knowledge, experience for wisdom
    • trying out what you’ve read
    • should the government or mass mentality get to┬ácensor what an adult reads

Or simply articles of all of it? One at a time, of course!

Let me know in the comments below. But, hurry! Comments close in 60 days. (Be civil. Disagreeing is fine; being disagreeable is not.)