Do you work only with non-profits?

Currently, yes, I freelance only with non-profit organizations. The primary focus of any company I freelance for, or the project they need me for, must center on one of five areas:

  • literacy for adults and children,
  • cleaner air
  • cleaner water
  • food security
  • affordable housing

What would you do for me?

Research and write grant proposals, create a fundraising program, and design brochures.

What is your experience?

The experience of writing a business plan is translatable to writing a grant. Both need:

  • precision of mission
  • an identified need
  • often partners
  • evaluation plan
  • budget
  • sustainability
  • and a host of other administrative tasks before the writing even begins


I was awarded approval from the Self-Employment Assistance Program (SEAP), a government-sponsored program, for the business plan I wrote.

I also designed a series of brochures, one-page information ads, and business forms for a fledgling makeup business.

How much do you charge?

Not-for-profit organizations 501(c)(3) = $3,000 – $6,000 (50-100 hours) as a flat rate for most projects. The rate is $60/hour for short projects (15 hours or less).

Rush rate: Not currently available

Every project cost depends on several factors. How much of the administrative work you do before I write will reduce your costs. How long it takes me to research, perform administrative tasks, and then write your proposal determines its actual cost. The regional fee range is between $60-$150 per hour.  Contact me regarding your specific project, your administrative needs, research, end writing, etc. for a quote.

What are your terms?

  1. I use a written and signed agreement for all projects, regardless how big or small. This is required for all work, spelled out in detail, including costs, and signed by both of us.
  2. Two revisions are included in the quote, with each revision returned within 7 days. If extra revisions must take place, the additional revisions will be billed at $75/hour.
  3. I do not work on a percentage of the grant, nor on a contingency or commission basis. (Most funders will not allow grant funds to be used to pay for grant writing.)
  4. I require a point person for communicating with me in a regular and consistent manner.
  5. Payment shall be paid in full (100%) or as an installment arrangement of 50% up front at the same time we sign the agreement, together with the remainder split as 25% due 30 days after signing, and the final 25% due 45 days after signing.