But, I Only Want You To Write!

“But, I only want you to write…”

“But, I only want you to write the proposals!”
“But, I only want you to write the fundraising letters!”
“But, I only need you to create the brochures!”

The money you want is a piece of cake. And it takes more than merely writing to make that cake a great one.

That piece of cake is the result you’re looking for, whether it’s a grant-funded program, or reaching a monetary / subscribers goal from your fundraising campaign.

Administrative duties are the ingredients. A designated point person gathers together everything. Each file requested; each piece of former grants written or campaigns launched; current bios and proof of status, and all the myriad pieces that make up your NPO, are the ingredients. Each piece is completely necessary to put together the batter for the cake.

Writing is putting the ingredients together, mixing the batter in the right order to get the best result. It’s the least time-consuming part of the thing. Without all the ingredients from administration gathered together, there is nothing to write.

The finished proposal sent to the correct foundation is the request for the use of the oven to bake the cake. The fundraising campaign, sent to interested donors, is the same kind of request, just in different form.

To reiterate: The money you want is a piece of cake. As with any organization, non-profit organizations cannot run without the ingredients: administrators and administrative duties. For mixing the batter of well-written grant proposals, fundraising campaigns, and brochure creations, it’s imperative that assistance and collaboration, and a designated point person, be available from your administration. And, as with any organization, administrative duties will take the most amount of time to accomplish. Writing it all is the easiest part of the endeavor.

So, what do you think is the most important part of writing a grant proposal or fundraising campaign? Let me know!

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Growing “Grow From Love” Grantwriting

Hello again,

As you see, I’m in the middle of constructing my site. I appreciate that you don’t mind the messiness of it.

Formal opening is June 1.

In the meantime, I’d like a little input. What posts would you like to see most:

  • Air or Water –
    • about pollution and what’s being done to clean it,
    • resources about helping to clean the air or water in your neighborhood,
    • what you can personally do to get involved with clean-air / clean-water information,
    • articles about a company that you know is dirtying up your air or water
    • people and groups in your area who are working on these
    • costs of cleaning the air or water in your area
  • Food –
    • security; are people (not just children) getting enough
    • safety; is our food sources and resources safe
    • companies that are actually putting out clean food
    • companies that are skating around clean / safe food
    • organic vs commercial vs gmo
    • prices and the farmers affected by them
  • Shelter –
    • the lack of housing
    • homelessness
    • what makes affordable housing affordable
    • shelters in cold weather
    • Habitat for Humanity
  • Literacy –
    • education starts when
    • reading physical books vs e-readers vs online
    • why read?
    • kinds of education
    • reading for knowledge, experience for wisdom
    • trying out what you’ve read
    • should the government or mass mentality get to censor what an adult reads

Or simply articles of all of it? One at a time, of course!

Let me know in the comments below. But, hurry! Comments close in 60 days. (Be civil. Disagreeing is fine; being disagreeable is not.)